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Roger Chubb


I was a relative latecomer to motorcycling having passed my test in 2008 at the age 53.

Having done some research about beginners' bikes I decided to buy a Moto Guzzi Navada Classic 750cc. This was my introduction to Riders as they had one for sale second hand. I purchased the bike, but deep down my head had been turned!

Hence four years later, having returned from living in Phuket where I rode a 200cc Honda Phantom, it was back to Riders to trade in the Moto Guzzi for a HD 1200 Sportster. At the time that I purchased this bike Jason's parting words were 'see you 

in six months when you buy a bigger bike!'

Sure enough I was back and purchased my current bike, a HD Heritage Softail Classic. I love the ride and the traditional look of the bike.

I joined GWC in 2013 having attended a member recruitment morning at Riders and have now been a member for 10 years. During that time I was Charity Officer for several years but I really wanted to be the Treasurer, hence when the opportunity arose this year there was no hesitation on my part!

I enjoy being part of the committee and having a say in the running and direction of the Chapter. I also enjoy the riding and social side of events and am a strong supporter of the midweek ride crew.

I am married to Caroline Barnard who is an associate member and accompanies me on some trips. 

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