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Our membership runs from Feb - Feb and so we will renew membership each year in Feb. Our membership is an annual fee, however when you are a newly joining us in the last 3 months of the membership year, you will get 3 months free and you will then go into the renewal process in Feb for the full annual fee.


Our annual fees are as follows:

Full membership & 100 club £30

A full riding member is £18 per year, and you could add on a charity 100 club option @£12, where you get the chance to win either £100 first prize or £50 second prize in our quarterly drawer. All proceeds go to our charity. Full riding member and 100 club = £30.


Associate Membership & 100 club £22

A partner (Associate member) is entitled to discount in a joint membership. An Associate membership is £10. Don't forget an Associate can also choose to join the charity 100 club for £12, Associate & 100 club = £22, and this gives you the opportunity to win a first prize of £100 and 2nd prize of £50 four times a year.


Full membership

Full riding membership is £18 per year.


Associate membership 

Riding or non riding Associate (partner/joint) is £10 per year.

What to do next?

If you are a new member, then can purchase your membership here. However you need to sign up for an account first (top right corner)  and create a logon for the website. The webmaster will approve this for you. After that, log in and come back here to purchase your plan.

Choose your membership

  • Full and 100 Club

    free till Feb then £30/yr
    Valid for 3 months
  • Associate & 100 club

    free till Feb then £22/yr
    Valid for 3 months
  • Full

    free till Feb then £18/yr
    Valid for 3 months
  • Associate

    free till Feb then £10/yr
    Valid for 3 months

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