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Mike Sage

Assistant Director/ Rally Coordinator

Hello and welcome to the Mighty GWC.

I’m Mike Sage, the chapters Assistant Director and currently the Rumble Rally Coordinator. I’ve been a chapter member for 13 years and a Road Captain for 9 years, planning, leading and participating on a number of rideouts each year. I was previously the chapter’s Head Road Captain and before that the Safety Officer. As Assistant Director I help Genghis and the committee form chapter policy and  procedures and now lead the subcommittee planning the 2024 Rumble.   

I am also your point of reference and a sounding board for  complaints about Genghis!

I think I was born with the motorcycle gene, my grandfather was a signals despatch rider in the Gloucesters during WW1. My father was riding by the age of 15 in 1940. I was passenger in the sidecar by the time I was 2 and started riding my own Yamaha FS1E moped in 1973. I’ve been riding motorcycles ever since, graduating through various bikes both as personal transport and at work. For part of my 33 years as a Police Officer I served on the Road Traffic Department at Avon St in Bristol and at the Almondsbury motorway unit. I was qualified to advanced level on both cars and motorcycles, riding professionally for 8 years. Andy “Genghis” Kendall, a friend and colleague for many years, convinced me on retirement in 2009 to (1) follow his lead and buy a ”real motorbike”, a Harley and (2) join the GWC, two decisions I’ve never regretted.

I can also be your point of reference for the ride teams, provide advice on riding techniques and associated matters and a sounding board for complaints about Genghis!

Enjoy your riding, ride safe and ride to arrive.

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