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Keith Swarbrick

Activities officer


I've been riding Harleys since 2010 when I joined the Chapter. I've enjoyed riding

various models including Sportsters, Tourers and even a Trike. I’ve also been a

road captain and active member of a ride team, participated in numerous trips

and other activities both with the Chapter and also the wider HOG fraternity.

I retired in 2020 with the intention of doing a few long-haul trips. Unfortunately this

didn't happen as, on day 17 day of retirement, I had a bit of an accident on my

Road Glide. Unfortunately this has left me as a permanent wheelchair user. On

the positive side, I've recently purchased a Trike from Trike Design in Caerphilly.

This was available ‘off the shelf’ and is based on a Harley Dyna, they are

currently adapting it for my specific needs. All being well I’ll be back in the saddle

by the spring of 2023 and hope to enjoy participating in at least some of the

rideouts and other Chapter activities.

The role of Activities Officer isn't an easy one and I'm hoping that I can take at

least some of the load off Jim. The numerous activities that the Chapter offer

don't just happen, they required a lot of input often by many people to ensure they

run smoothly. Feel free to contact me if you have an queries or concerns about

any Chapter activity, especially if you know Jim is out of the country

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