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GWC History Book

Dear all,

I would like to announce that the chapter history book is ready for a first review. Over the last 18 months I have been researching information and speaking with chapter members to compile our history.

I would like to thank the following people in no particular order:

  • Chris (Christoff) Harding

  • RKK

  • Genghis

  • Alan (Big Alan) Stokes

  • Mike sage

  • Tony Yendle

  • Duncan White

  • Barry (Bazzer) Aggett

  • Chris Tiney

  • Gareth Jones

  • Mr and Mrs Cockers

And a special thank you to Dale (the Ed) Jenkins for all the chats and time spent reviewing and uploading the old magazines.

I will say sorry in advance if I have missed anyone off the above list.

Please can I ask that you have a look and get in touch for amendments / additions that can be added to enhance the book.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the creation of the book.

You can find it on our website here...

Matt Garty

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